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We provide repair services for home appliances in Dubai. We repair all major appliances including the dryer. We repair all brands and models dryer at one call. Contact our service advisor to book an appointment for dryer repair in Dubai. We shall take care of your households.

Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair
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If your Dryer is running incongruously then don’t you worry about anything because AH Repairing Master are here for you. We have highly trained and experienced technicians who do your work with efficiency and make sure to handle your Dryer and equipment of Dryers with care. AH Repairing Master is the best place to get complete servicing and repair facilities. We also have a list of symptoms that commonly occur in Dryers which help you to know more about your Dryer. And contacting us is not such a difficult thing you just have to book an appointment by using our online form and mention the symptoms your appliance is experiencing and we’ll show you how to troubleshoot the problems quickly and at affordable prices. We guarantee all of our workmanship and parts.+971 527616182.

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Why Choose AH Repairing Master's Service in Dubai

 We repair and service all the brands and types of the dryer in Dubai on just a call. We are best option for Dryer Repair Parts, Dryer Repair Service, Dryer Technician in Dubai, Samsung Dryer Repair, LG Dryer Repair, Panasonic Dryer Repair in Dubai, Samsung Dryer Repair in Dubai, Daewoo Dryer Repair in Dubai, Siemens Dryer Repair in Dubai, Hisense Dryer Repair in Dubai, LG Dryer Repair in Dubai, Elekta Dryer Repair in Dubai, and Super General Dryer Repair in Dubai. We have skilled and experienced technicians who do your work with regulation and make sure to grasp your Dryer and paraphernalia of Dryers with care

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We use prime standard and high-quality parts, so to ensure longevity in our repairing services. We never leave the place until you find your dishwasher functioning flawlessly again.

Dryer Parts that may need to be repaired

Blower fan blade, Door catch, Door strike, Door switch, Drive belt, Drive motor, Drum, Drum glide bearing, Drum support roller kit, Electronic control board, Drum glide bearing, Drum support roller kit, Electronic control board, Felt drum seal, Flame Sensor, Gas valve coil kit, Heater relay, Heating element, High-limit safety thermostat, Idler pulley, Idler pulley bracket, Idler pulley tension spring, Igniter, Motor relay, Timer, Thermistor, Thermal fuse, Thermal cut-off fuse, Operating thermostat, Power cord,

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Sometimes it happens when the drain hose is clogged and it can be fixed easily but there are some other possible reasons too. If you do not get the exact problem then it is better to call an expert to save your self from any kind of bigger loss.

If your Dryer doesn’t spin even the current supply is on then there may be a serious problem. First of all, you must turn your Dryer off to save your self from any kind of hazard like a short circuit or burning of wires, etc. Then call for an expert Dryer repair service.

If your Dryer gives a burning smell then it is a serious issue. You must not try to touch it or turn it on again. Just call a service advisor for immediate protective actions and the maintenance and repairing of your Dryer. 

Leakage in the Dryer may cause other major problems in your Dryer like short circuit or burning of other electric parts. A to Z appliances repair can inspect and fix your Dryer on time.

There can be many reasons when a Dryer makes a loud noise but most probably there could be a part broken or worn out or the noise may come from the rattle of a pump motor, to the squealing of a belt or worn tub bearings

If the Dryer doesn’t turning on then it may be a simple issue with the plug or electric supply but if these things look OK then you must take action and call a professional technician. AtoZ appliances repair is a company of expert Dryer technicians, we are always ready to help our clients.


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